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Contains spoilers for ep10. Sousuke-centric amv!

I heard this song and immediately thought of Sousuke. The poor baby just worked really hard, and in the end it screwed him over. This video is about him overcoming his problems and not giving up on his new dream. Don’t like Sousuke? Then don’t watch. :)  Pst, HD is glorious. Btw, full of his gorgeous eyes. ;)

Song: Won’t Turn Back

Artist: Our Lady Peace

This video is about Mustang coping with his feelings of losing Maes and being in the war. We all know how he went ballistic during his fight with Envy. So, the other part of this is Riza being there to stop him from going too far. Enjoy!! :)

Song: Monsters

Artist: Timeflies

Ep 2 and Ep 10 comparisons
KyoAni has been warning us….The feels!
Crappy photoset…I tried. :(

Ep 2 and Ep 10 comparisons

KyoAni has been warning us….The feels!

Crappy photoset…I tried. :(

Shit is going down!!!! Looks like a new epic fighting arc is in the making!

This chapter made me laugh hysterically and then freak out in the span of 3 pages. Love Gintama.

So, this is a darker portrayal of Roy and Riza’s relationship—the more dangerous side. xD Enjoy!

Song: Clarity
Artist: Zedd ft Foxes

Why you gotta be so rude Berthold?

My take on the what the conversation that happened between Berthold and Roy was really about. ;)

Royai <3

Ehh lame title. Sorry.
Anyway, finally a tsubasa reservoir chronicle amv! Of course with the pairing sakura and syaoran ;) It’s a rather dark perspective on their relationship. Enjoy!

Song: Princess of China
Artist: Coldplay ft Rihanna

Light wants to revolutionize the world by being a rockstar :P

I’m so sorry….What did I just make?!! It’s a parody vid lol. I must say that the song matches pretty well…And yes. The coolest bars are the prison bars. xD

So…I’ve never made a shounen-ai vid before but…I heard this song, and I immediately thought of this pairing. Nearly all the pictures I found involved handcuffs too haha. Come on, it’s a detective trying to catch a thief. He has a legit reason to use handcuffs. ;) Anyway, hope y’all enjoy. <3

P.S. HD quality y’all. Nothing beats looking at hot anime boys in high def ;)

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[BOX SPLIT] Karneval Petanko Rubber Strap

Shop: AmiAmi

Box(s) Ordered: 0

Manufacturer:Penguin Parade

Release Date: July 2014

Price: 429 JPY (per strap)


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