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Ahhhh I’m so excited they put out more fire emblem keychains! I just can’t resist them *w*!

What is a box split/how does it work?

A box split is when the person in charge orders a full box of an item (key chains,mini figs, etc) and arranges a list of who would like what in the box. Once all the slots are filled, boxes are ordered and invoices are sent out. There are TWO invoices:

First Invoice: Price of Figure. First invoice is sent out as soon as all slots are filled so that the box can be ordered ASAP.

Second invoice: All Shipping costs. This will include a portion of shipping from amiami (Determined after the product is in stock) and the total cost of shipping from me to you. My shipping price for keychains of this size is 5$. 

Since I am leading the spilt, I have already Selected the figures I would like to keep. I am willing to order THREE BOXES. Boxes one and two MUST be 100% filled before I order a third though! 

****These figures are going to be released in JUNE I am simply taking names so that I can preorder the boxes. I will not be invoicing you until Mid to Late MAY!****

If you are interested, PLEASE drop me a message (NON ANON!) in my ask box, if you’re confused about how this works, also please inbox me!

VOL 3:

-Robin: idolmaster26
-Cordelia: idolmaster26
-Lon’qu: kittykathleen | caniswiminthat | 
-Panne: kittykathleen
-Libra: swellowman
-Ricken: swellowman
-Secret: kittykathleen

VOL. 4:
-Marth: kittykathleen | lovelyyellowdress | 
-Severa: gemijude | idolmaster26
-Gerome : caprisunoffical
-Nah: caprisunoffical
-Secret: kittykathleen | lovelyyellowdress

Fill it up! Fill it up! You know you want to. :D


Anyone know where I can watch Spyair’s 0 Game PV without the spiderman parts? Spyairvevo used to have it but now it’s gone. :( Thanks!

My first MMV! This is dedicated to my dear friend barmadisciple cause she lovesss Barma with a passion. I’ve been wanting to make this for a while now, but I’m glad I waited cause the newest chapters have been like perfect to use in here. Like suuuuper perfect. Anyway, SPOILERS inside if you haven’t read up to at least 86. Hope y’all like :3


because everyone needs benedict’s rainbow eyes on their blog

Jealous *A*


because everyone needs benedict’s rainbow eyes on their blog

Jealous *A*


Would anyone be interested in doing a box split for these Fire Emblem Awakening key chains?

Box One
Box Two

Price would be around $4 per strap + shipping from me to you.

(Still unsure if I want to do the split or not, I want to get enough people to say yes before I decide.)

Yesssss interested


I come to you with yet another 8018 video…


Warning: Contains shounen-ai. ( ಠ ω ಠ )
Watch in HD…and full screen.

Another 8018(YamaHiba) video here, guys. Shower ‘em both with your love! C’mon!

I’m really pleased with the output. Took me two weeks to finish(well actually, I took a ten-day break because I had to prepare for prelim exams).
Inspired by Facebook.

[I own nothing.]

Seriously the best 8018 video I’ve ever seen in my life. Wah, I need more 8018 in my life. ;__;



This is my life



This is my life


So relatable blog :)

So relatable blog :)




Excuse me while I go pick up the pieces of my broken heart.